Short Studies in Biblical Theology Collection (6 Volumes)

Ortlund Jr, Raymond C.; Goldsworthy, Graeme; Hamilton Jr., James M.; Schreiner, Thomas R.; Alexander, T. Desmond; Schreiner, Patrick

Biblical theology is simply an academic term for something every Christian can and should do - tracing and making sense of different themes through scripture. Good biblical theology shouldn't be confined to the seminary. With that in mind, this growing series of concise studies authored by trustworthy scholars seeks to make this kind of life-changing Bible study accessible to every reader.

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This series is designed to help readers see the whole Bible as a unified story—culminating in Jesus. Insightful, accessible, and practical, these books serve as bite-sized introductions to major subjects in biblical theology.

Titles Included in This Set

Covenant and God

by Thomas R. Schreiner

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Kingdom of God and the Glory of the Cross

by Patrick Schreiner

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Son of God and the New Creation

by Graeme Goldsworthy

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Work and Our Labor in the Lord

by Hamilton Jr.James M.

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City of God and the Goal of Creation

by T. Desmond Alexander

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Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel

by Raymond C. Ortlund Jr

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