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Spiritual Desertion (Classics of Reformed Spirituality)

Voetius, Gisbertus; Hoornbeeck, Johannes

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Listen to a message from Westminster Professor of OT Douglas Green on abandonment entitled Psalm for the Sufferers. (Requires a free account at WTS).

First published in 1646, Spiritual Desertion offers comfort and consolation to believers whose circumstances cause them to wonder if God has abandoned them. Further Reformation leaders Gisbertus Voetius and Johannes Hoornbeeck demonstrate that the anxiety of doubting believers is proof that God has not abandoned them; rather, it is evidence of the work of the Spirit in their hearts.

176 Pages
Published May 2012

About the Author Gisbertus Voetius

(1589-1676), who taught at the University of Utrecht for forty-two years, was a prolific author and vocal leader of the Dutch Second Reformation. Johannes Hoornbeeck (1617-1666), a student of Voetius, also taught at the University of Utrecht.

Translated by John Vriend & Harry Boonstra.
Edited by M. Eugene Osterhaven.

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