Storm Breaks (Welwyn Commentary on Job)

Thomas, Derek

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The book of Job is the harrowing story of a man whose life changed so dramatically in the course of a few short days. It is about the problem of suffering and the answer to the problem is not seen in the comments of Job’s counsellors but more importantly in his response to suffering. Job never lost his faith and is, for us today, a model of cross-bearing and perseverance even in the ways of God we cannot often understand.

When Job responds with questions and even a measure of bitterness and anger, his frustration is always taken directly to God. “Why am I suffering, even when I follow You?!” Dr Thomas suggests that the book hangs on two hinges: Job as a man of enduring godliness in the face of the most acute sufferings; and God as a sovereign, faithful Father who will not abandon his own children.

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