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The Story of the Word

Laurence, Trevor

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What is the Bible really all about? Is it primarily a work of history, tales of long ago? Is it a collection of spiritual episodes designed to inspire? Is it a series of moral stories intended to show you how to be a better person? Or is it more? In forty-five devotional meditations, The Story of the Word explores the Bible from its beginnings in Genesis all the way to its glorious end in Revelation, showing how Scripture narrates God's story of the world, a story which finds its ultimate meaning and fulfillment in Jesus Christ. This book guides you on a prayerful journey through the major turning points in the Bible, inviting you to trace the developing storyline from creation to the cross to the consummation of history. And as you learn to read the story of the Bible as the story of Jesus, you'll discover how you fit in to the wondrous story God is telling.

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