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Taking the Bible at Its Word

Wells, Paul

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God's Word is the same yesterday, today and forever! God's Complete Word still speaks to us today. It tells the story of God coming to us for our salvation. We are given the possibility to know God and what he did for us. We can find no way to climb up to God. Our only hope lies in movement from the other direction—God coming down to us. The Bible shows a God who reveals himself to his people in the Old Testament and by the coming of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

Taking the Bible at its Word, helps us to answer questions that we might ask:

In what way does God speak to us in the Bible through Jesus Christ? Why, in contrast to claims that the Bible is antiquated or historically inaccurate, does this divinely-inspired—yet human—book have unique authority and truthfulness? Why is Scripture God's final word?

Let's listen to the Bible and take it at its word!

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