The atonement: In its relations to the covenant, the priesthood, the intercession of our Lord

Martin, Hugh

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"I enthusiastically commend Martin's works--not only for their immediate value, but because they have the capacity to challenge readers to think much of Christ as they read the Scriptures.
- Sinclair B. Ferguson

Hugh Martin (1821-1885) Was one of the young men training for the ministry of the Church of Scotland who, in 1843, cast in their lot with the Free Church of Scotland. In 1844 he became the first Free Church minister of Panbride where he remained for 14 years, and where his son, Alexander (the future Principal of New College) was born in 1857. In 1858 Hugh Martin became minister of Greyfriars Free Church, Edinburgh. Owing to ill-health, he retired from the pastorate in 1863, but followed an itinerant ministry, at home and abroad, until within a short time of his death. At a time when the Calvinism of the Reformed Church in Scotland was discarded in favour of rationalistic Modernism, he edited The British and Foreign Evangelical Review, and The Watchword, thereby rendering invaluable service to Reformed evangelicalism. But he was a preacher by predilection, and a controversialist by constraint of circumstances.

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