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The Glory of Grace: The Story of the Canons of Dort

Boekestein, William

Travel back to Reformation era Europe and witness the unfolding of one of the great moments of church history. In the 17th Century, Dutch believers stood up boldly for the truth of the gospel, and their actions changed the world. A first-rate and engaging introduction for young ones to reformed theology. Features striking illustrations, and a helpful summary of the Canons of Dort.

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Product Description

An important confession of the reformed churches for hundreds of years, the Canons of Dort teach clearly that salvation is by grace alone through Christ alone. Yet some people may find it an intimidating document and wonder why it was even written. In The Glory of Grace, William Boekestein and Evan Hughes help our children understand the difficult challenges the churches in the Netherlands faced in the Arminians’ distortion of the gospel message.

In this story about the Synod of Dort (1618), children will learn about the history and ideas that formed the Canons of Dort and come to a greater appreciation of this great treasure of the reformed faith and its emphasis on the glory of God in graciously saving sinners.

32 Pages
Published November 2012

About the Author

William Boekestein (MDiv, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary) is Pastor of Covenant Reformed Church in Carbondale, Pennsylvania. He previously taught in a Christian School for several years. He and his wife have three children.

About the Illustrator

Evan Hughes is an illustrator and graphic designer. He and his wife Kate live in Scranton, Pennsylvania with their two sons. Bill and Evan blog at

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