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The Hermeneutics of Doctrine

Thiselton, Anthony C.

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Drawing on the resources of contemporary hermeneutical theory, Anthony Thiselton here seeks to recover the formative and transformative power of Christian doctrine.

The past thirty-five years have witnessed major steps forward in the use of hermeneutics in biblical studies, but never before has hermeneutics made a comparable impact on the formulation of doctrine and our engagement with it. Indeed, no other book explores the interface between hermeneutics and Christian doctrine in the same in-depth way that this one does.

Arguably the leading authority worldwide on biblical and philosophical hermeneutics, Thiselton has written widely acclaimed works in the areas of biblical studies and philosophical theology. His probing interaction in The Hermeneutics of Doctrine with numerous other great thinkers " Gadamer, Ricoeur, Lindbeck, Balthasar, Vanhoozer, and Pannenberg, among others " and his original perspectives will make this volume a valuable resource for scholars and advanced students.

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