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The Infinite Merit of Christ: The Glory of Christ's Obedience in the Theology of Jonathan Edwards (Slightly Damaged)

Biehl, Craig

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From the Abstract: "Historically, the tendency of scholars to modernize and distance Edwards from his biblicist, exclusivist, evangelical and Reformed tradition has resulted in relatively little attention being given to the importance of the person and redemptive work of Christ in Edwards' Trinitarian thought. The contention of this study is that the foundation, center, and unifying thread of Edwards' thought is the person and work of Christ in accomplishing God's ultimate purpose to display and communicate His glory to unworthy sinners by perfect obedience to God's unchanging rule of righteousness. Edwards' theology cannot be properly understood in abstraction from the person and redemptive work of Christ as revealing and communicating the glorious perfections of the Trin- ity, nor can revisionist interpretations of Edwards' soteriology as inclusivistic or Catholic be tenable without an overthrow and re- write of the entirety of Edwards' theology. Salvation of a single soul apart from perfect conformity to God's rule of righteousness would render God unrighteous and prohibit the fulfillment of His ultimate purpose to display and communicate His glory. Indeed, God could not be God."
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248 Pages
Published March 2009

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