The Message of 2 Peter and Jude (Bible Speaks Today)

Lucas, R. C.; Green, Christopher

Product Description

Second Peter and Jude are among the most neglected books of the New Testament. But alert readers have long noted an unmistakable family resemblance between these two letters. Like orphans reunited, in this commentary 2 Peter and Jude show themselves to be robust theological siblings, charged with a keen, no–nonsense desire to warn young believers of the false spiritual guides that are out to beguile them.

This commentary is a skillful exposition of these two letters within their original setting. More than that, it narrows the gap between our day and that day, between our cultural and spiritual setting and that setting, and allows the Spirit–driven message to between then and now. Wherever Christians face or anticipate the destabilizing and destructive influence of misled teachers and subverters of truth, these letters will speak today.

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