The Missionary Call: Find Your Place in God's Plan for the World

Sills, M. David

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Christians of all ages recognize the heartbeat of God to take the Gospel to the nations and wrestle with the implications of the Great Commission in their own lives. The Missionary Call explores the biblical, historical, and practical aspects of discerning and fulfilling God's call to serve as a missionary. Pointing the reader to Scripture, lessons from missionary heroes, and his own practical and academic experience, Dr. Sills guides the reader to discern the personal applications of the missionary call.

248 Pages
Published July 2008

About the Author

M. David Sills (BA, Belhaven College; MDiv, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary; DMiss, PhD, Reformed Theological Seminary) is professor of Christian Missions and Cultural Anthropology, Billy Graham School of Missions and Evangelism at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He joined Southern Seminary after serving as a missionary in Ecuador, where he served as church planter and general evangelist among the Highland Quichua people in the Andes and as president and professor at the Ecuadorian Baptist Theological Seminary.

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