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The Pilgrim's Progress: From This World to That Which Is to Come (Includes Free Reader's Guide)

Bunyan, John


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Written in the form of a highly imaginative allegory. The Pilgrim's Progress tells the unforgettable story of Christian and the extreme, soul-threatening dangers he encounters on his journey to the Celestial City. But it is also much more than an allegory: in a sense, it is both the personal story of Bunyan and the universal story of anyone who undertakes the same eternal pilgrimage. The result is a masterpiece of literature as well as spiritual truth‐a book that at one time was loved and red in nearly every home in England and North America, a book that has endured as a classic for more than three centuries.

The purpose in publishing this edition of The Pilgrim's Progress is to carry forward this treasured legacy for a new generation. With this as the objective, the text of this edition has only been lightly edited—to update archaic words and difficult sentence structure, while retaining the beauty and brilliance of the original story, and to let the story unfold with all the power, truth, and remarkable creativity of the original. It is our hope and prayer, then, that the following pages will fascinate and captivate the hearts and minds of this generation today, as was the case when The Pilgrim's Progress was first published more than three centuries ago.

New art was created specifically for this edition—thirty full-color, original paintings by the highly acclaimed artist Mike Wimmer. There is a sense in which these new paintings also carry forward the Bunyan legacy, in that many of the earliest editions of The Pilgrim's Progress also included original, engraved illustrations. As was the case more than three hundred years ago, these new illustrations—beautifully rendered in exquisite detail and faithfulness to the story—will delight a new generation of children and adults and will powerfully reinforce the timeless truths of Bunyan's original story.

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