The Reformation Theologians: An Introduction to Theology in the Early Modern Period

Lindberg, Carter

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The Reformation Theologians introduces the theological context, thought, and contributions of selected theologians of the sixteenth-century Reformations to students and scholars of the theology and history of Christianity. The selection intends to provide as inclusive a range of theologians as possible within the limits of a single text of reasonable length.

  • An ideal introduction to the ideas and contribution of key theologians of the sixteenth-century Reformation.
  • Explores a wide range of ideas and theologians within just one volume.
  • The contributors to this volume are internationally established scholars in the fields of historical and systematic theology.
  • 416 Pages
    Published December 2001

    About the Author

    Carter Lindberg is Professor Emeritus of Church History at Boston University School of Theology. Widely recognized as a leading authority on the Reformation, he is the author or editor of numerous books, including Love: A Brief History Through Western Christianity (2008), A Brief History of Christianity (2005), The Pietist Theologians (2004), The Reformation Theologians (2001), and The European Reformations Sourcebook (1999).

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