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The Revelation of Saint John (Black's New Testament Commentary)

Boxall, Ian

Product Description

Replacing George B. Caird's earlier volume, fellow Oxford scholar Ian Boxall's new edition in this popular series offers a clear and lucid study of St. John's apocalypse. Arising out of a critical awareness of the historical and theological issues surrounding the interpretation of Revelation, Boxall's exposition opens with an enlightening introduction to the first-century context of this difficult book.

Introducing the background to the Apocalypse, Boxall leads the reader on a pericope-by-pericope exposition of the book. As with other volumes in the series, remarks are based on the author's own translation. Key terms and phrases from the translation are highlighted where they are discussed, while explanations of special Greek or foreign terms are provided.

References to important primary and secondary literature are included for further research, and a Scripture index saves pastors and student valuable time.

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