Trustworthiness of God: Perspectives on the Nature of Scripture

Helm, Paul; Trueman, Carl R.

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While few Christian thinkers would question the trustworthiness of God, this topic is key for understanding the divine nature and God's revelation to the world. The Trustworthiness of God offers a comprehensive look at the theme of God's faithfulness, exploring the relationship between the doctrines of God and of Scripture from every possible perspective.

Produced by a group of distinguished international scholars, this book is broad in scope and irenic in approach. J. Gary Millar, Gordon McConville, Craig G. Bartholomew, and P. J. Williams each explore the theme of God's faithfulness as depicted in different portions of the Old Testament. Donald Macleod, Drake Williams, David Peterson, and David Instone-Brewer consider God's trustworthiness in the New Testament, looking in particular at the person of Jesus and the writings of Paul. Gerald Bray, Carl R. Trueman, Timothy Ward, Stephen Williams, Paul Helm, and Sebastian Rehnman each discuss God's trustworthiness from significant theological and philosophical perspectives. Two concluding responses by Colin Gunton and Francis Watson round out the volume by showing the profound relevance of God's faithfulness to the life of the church and personal faith today.

Addressed to a wide readership, this volume offers fresh, at times inspiring, insights into the nature of the God portrayed in the Bible.

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