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The Westminster Confession of Faith is the greatest of all the creeds of the Christian Church. Since its first publication in 1646 it has remained absolutely unsurpassed as an accurate and concise statement of Christian doctrine. Among all the shifting sands of theological opinion here is solid truth, for it has its foundation in the unchanging truth of Scripture- witness the copious references from the Bible which are printed on each page. Because of its faithfulness to Scripture the Confession has permanent worth and abiding relevance.

The Church of Christ cannot be creedless and live. Especially in an age of doubt and confusion, it is her duty to define the Christian faith and to proclaim it to the world. Nowhere has the Reformed Church done this so effectively as in The Westminster Confession of Faith. While always recognizing the supreme place of the Word of God in all matters of faith and practice, one can always turn to the Confession as one’s subordinate standard. Here readers will find spiritual treasure; here too they will find comfort and strength.

For this edition the publishers have taken great pains to ensure that the misprints of previous printings have been corrected.

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