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Wise Words: Family Stories That Bring the Proverbs to Life

Leithart, Peter

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In the tradition of Grimm’s fairytales, Peter Leithart has produced a wonderful collection of whimsical, yet meaningful, bedtime stories. The characters in each story are as varied as the biblical proverbs they reveal. Meet a chatty squirrel with a secret, or find out what happens when you run up against the Ministry of Nasty Smells. Sure to delight children ages five and up, but no promises they’ll be asleep by the time the story’s over.

From the preface: "My intention in Wise Words was to write stories that would appeal to children as stories; that would challenge parents who read to their children; that would illustrate biblical proverbs; and that would borrow imagery, plots, characters, settings, and themes from the Bible. Whether my stories appeal to children—other than my own, of course, who are deeply prejudiced—or challenge adults is, I suppose, for children and adults to judge."

150 Pages
Published 1995

About the Author

Peter J. Leithart holds degrees in English, history, religion, and theology, including a doctorate in theology from Cambridge University. He is a pastor at Trinity Reformed Church and a Senior Fellow at New Saint Andrews College (both in Moscow, Idaho). Leithart is the author of numerous books, including A House for My Name, Against Christianity, and Solomon Among the Postmoderns. He has also authored articles in journals such as Pro Ecclesia, Journal of Biblical Literature, andWestminster Theological Seminary. He and his wife Noel have ten children. Eleven if you count his blog.

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