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Work & Leisure in Christian Perspective

Ryken, Leland

Product Description

We Christians are not immune to the dissatisfactions others experience in their work and leisure pursuits. In all likelihood, our problems stem from our adherence to a secularized perspective that views work as the means to material gain with leisure a badly needed respite from work's drudgery.

Leland Ryken examines this secular view and points to the liberating perspective of the Scriptures: both our work and our leisure have as their overarching aim to glorify God.

Blue-collar worker or white, homemaker or career woman, this book will profoundly influence the attitudes and motivations you bring to your work and to your play.

256 Pages
Published May 2002

About the Author

Leland Ryken is professor of English at Wheaton College. He received his PhD from the University of Oregon and has authored such books as The Apocalyptic Vision of "Paradise Lost," Culture in Christian Perspective, and How to Read the Bible as Literature.

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