You Asked: Your Questions. God's Answers.

Edgar, Bill

Find answers to questions you were afraid to ask, or maybe didn’t even know you were allowed to ask. Written by a man with a PhD who is also in a jazz band, these aren’t your typical one size fits all solutions to complicated problems. Deeply researched and well thought out, we recommend it for Middle School and High School students.

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It can be difficult to ask questions, far less answer them. Perhaps you've felt that sometimes the questions you really want to ask just can't be answered. They're too difficult; too embarrassing; and perhaps you shouldn't be asking them anyway.

William Edgar takes a selection of twenty-four questions just like that — questions that are asked by young adults just like you — and gives a biblical, common sense, unpatronizing answer to each.

Edgar tackles issues such as 'Where is God?' 'Can we trust the Bible?' 'What about love and sex?' 'Does God love gay people?' 'When will the world end?' 'Are there vampires?' 'Can I have real friends?' ... and more.

Includes discussion questions with each chapter.

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