Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave: Finding Hope in the Power of the Gospel

Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave: Finding Hope in the Power of the Gospel
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Welch, Edward T.


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Listen a lecture by Ed Welch entitled The Church and the Addicted Society. (The Gospel Coalition)

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A worship disorder - will we worship ourselves and our own desires, or will we worship the true God? Scripture reveals addicts' true condition: like guests at a banquet thrown by “the woman Folly,” they are already in the grave. (Proverbs 9:13-18)

Can we not escape our addictions? Following Jesus, we have “immense hope that God can give power so that we are no longer mastered by the addiction.”

About the Author

Edward T. Welch, MDiv, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and faculty member at the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF). He has counseled for over thirty years and is the best-selling author of many books including Addictions; Depression; Running Scared; Blame It on the Brain; and Shame Interrupted. He and his wife Sheri have two married daughters and four grandchildren.

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299 Pages
Publisher: P&R Publishing Company
Publication Date: November 2001
ISBN 10: 0875526063
ISBN 13: 9780875526065

Recommended by David Powlison of Westminster Theological Seminary. See all of Dr. Powlison's recommendations.

"One of the most helpful books providing practical theology on addictions. Welch's assessment of addictions as a problem that proceeds from the heart, involving issues of worship and idolatry, is central to helping people grow and change. This is vital reading for church leaders, and for friends and family desiring to help those struggling with addictions."
- John Freeman, Harvest USA

"Destroys the myth that addiction is a disease and sin is a sickness. Welch shows that the hopeless cycle of 'sickness, recovery, and relapse' must be replaced with the biblical view of sin, salvation, and sanctification. As a pastor, biblical counselor, and redeemed (not recovering) ex-heroin addict, I believe Welch has given every pastor, parishioner, and anyone caught in the bondage of idolatry/addiction a biblical road map to lasting freedom."
- Peter Garich, Dayspring Center for Biblical Counseling