Collected Writings of John Murray, Vol 2: Systematic Theology

Collected Writings of John Murray, Vol 2: Systematic Theology

Murray, John


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Publisher's Description

Although John Murray was teaching theology at Princeton in 1929 such was his slowness to go into print that it was not until the 1950′s that his first books appeared. The reason lay in his high view of the responsibilities of Christian authorship, and even when his works were being acclaimed as ‘exegesis of the highest rank’ he declined the advice of those who urged him to publish his work in systematic theology. Instead, from the store of manuscript material, he was giving close attention to certain themes which had come to possess a special interest for him The revision of his manuscripts on these themes constituted the greater part of his literary work over the last ten years of his life, with the most beneficial results for the present volume.

Volume 2 of his Collected Writings thus provides virtually John Murray’s own selection from his articles and lectures in systematic theology. In it will be found definitive treatments of subjects upon which, in the judgement of many, he advanced the frontiers of reformed theology and gave fresh elucidation of biblical truth. This is most evident in the chapters on Adamic Administration and Definitive Sanctification, but the seed-thoughts of further insight are also clearly evident in many other places.

The arrangement is in seven sections which deal comprehensively with the themes of Man, Common Grace, Christ and Redemption (2 sections), Sanctification , Church and Sacraments, and the Last Things. To the author’s own selection the publishers have added material from his class lectures. None of the 36 chapters has previously appeared in any of John Murray’s volumes.

About the Author

Professor John Murray (1898-1975) was recognized in his own lifetime as one of the leading Reformed theologians in the English-speaking world.

Born at Migdale, near Bonar Bridge, Scotland, he attended Dornoch Academy, and served with the Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) in France during the First World War, losing an eye in the conflict. After the War, he pursued studies, first at the University of Glasgow (MA, 1923), and then at Princeton Theological Seminary, USA (1924-27).

In 1929 he was invited to teach Systematic Theology at Princeton, and did so for one year, before joining the Faculty of the newly formed Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. There he shared with such scholars and Christian leaders as J. Gresham Machen and Cornelius Van Til in the great struggle to maintain the old Princeton tradition in theology, represented by the Hodges and B. B. Warfield. He was ordained in 1937 by the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, USA.

John Murray remained at Westminster until his retirement in 1966. He returned to his native Scotland, married Valerie Knowlton in December 1967 and enjoyed a brief period of fatherhood prior to his death in 1975. A careful scholar, an eloquent lecturer, a moving preacher, and the author of many outstanding articles and books, Murray’s driving passions were to declare Christ’s Word, advance his cause, and bless his people.

The Trust publishes his Collected Writings in four volumes, and his Redemption – Accomplished and Applied, in which he expounds particular redemption, stresses union with Christ, and sees adoption as the apex of the redemptive privileges.

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428 Pages
Publisher: Banner of Truth
Publication Date: October 1977
ISBN 10: 0851512429
ISBN 13: 9780851512426