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Coming of the Kingdom

Coming of the Kingdom
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Ridderbos, Herman N.


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Recommended by Richard B. Gaffin of Westminster Theological Seminary. See all of Dr. Gaffin's recommendations.

Recommended by K. Scott Oliphint of Westminster Theological Seminary. See all of Dr. Oliphint's recommendations.

Publisher's Description

A thorough study of the nature of the kingdom, its fulfillment in the world, and its consummation with the second advent. Includes a comprehensive analysis of the parables and the Sermon on the Mount.

About the Author

Herman Ridderbos (1909-2007) was professor of New Testament at the Theological School of the Reformed Churches of the Netherlands in Kampen. Among his other books is The Gospel of John: A Theological Commentary.

Book Details

558 Pages
Publisher: P and R Publishing Company
Publication Date: 1962
ISBN 10: 0875524087
ISBN 13: 9780875524085

“This volume is a monumental study of the preaching of Jesus according to the synoptics. It is a veritable treasure house of informative and stimulating exegesis of large segments of the synoptic texts. Special mention may be made, by way of illustration, of the illuminating and helpful discussion of the parables and of the apocalyptic discourse of Mark 13.

“When Ridderbos concludes that the kingdom of God involves both a present and a future aspect, nothing especially startling is disclosed. But the author's treatment of this subject wins unqualified admiration when one takes account of the manner in which, in the context of a thorough and minute examination of the arguments of the representatives of "consistent eschatology" and "realized eschatology," he surveys the pertinent data and evaluates the issues with exceptional exegetical ability. No one perhaps has approached him in the comprehensiveness of the treatment of this matter. And the discussion in this connection of such subjects as the kingdom in relation to Satan's defeat and present working, the miracles as present power and as signs of the future, the parables, and the integration of Jesus' ministry with the coming of the kingdom is highly rewarding.”
- Ned B. Stonehouse, Late Professor of New Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary