Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Ethics and the Beginning of Human Life

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Ethics and the Beginning of Human Life
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Best, Megan


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Listen to a lecture by Megan Best entitled Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.
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Publisher's Description

What sort of contraception, if any, should I use? When does human life begin—at fertilization or at some point after that? What are the arguments for and against abortion? Is it OK to use genetic screening and other pre-natal tests to check for abnormalities in my unborn baby? Should Christians use IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies? What is the current state of embryonic stem cell research?

These are just some of the many complex and emotion-laden questions we face in the rapidly changing field of reproductive medicine, and most Christians do so with two very significant handicaps:

  • We don’t have accurate up-to-date information about the medical and technological issues involved
  • We have not thought through a sound, biblical framework for making ethical decisions in this area

Dr Megan Best provides what is lacking in both of these vital areas. Built on extensive historical, biblical and medical research, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made is the comprehensive, accurate, biblically-based ethical handbook that Christians have been waiting for.

About the Author

Megan Best is a medical doctor and a bioethicist. She is passionate about the value of human life and has been involved at both state and federal government levels in the development of Australian legislation regulating the treatment of unborn humans. Megan is married to John and they have two wonderful daughters.

Book Details

526 Pages
Publisher: Matthias Media USA
Publication Date: December 2012
ISBN 10: 1921896612
ISBN 13: 9781921896613

“While there is much in this book that will help Christians speak out in defense of the unborn, this book is about more than merely engaging in a culture war. Dr. Best applies a host of medical and scientific knowledge together with a wealth of biblical wisdom to some of the more perplexingly gray bioethical problems Christians face: How should Christians think about contraception? How should we think about infertility and attempts to overcome it, such as IVF? ... This book is invaluable to Christians seeking to think through these difficult issues in a God-glorifying way ...

“Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Fearfully and Wonderfully Made is the fact that Dr. Best does not miss people for the issues. She always has an eye for the fear and suffering of the people called upon to make difficult ethical decisions: from the mother who is told that her unborn child is “abnormal” and pressured to abort, to the couple struggling with infertility, Dr. Best draws on her clinical experience to help us understand how to move toward such people with loving counsel. Especially noteworthy in this regard is a whole chapter on miscarriage and stillbirth and the grief and shame that accompany them. For this reason more than anything else, this book is a must-read for pastors: it will help you speak wisely into the lives of those in your congregations who have been scarred by infertility, miscarriage, or abortion.”
- Jamie Duguid, Westminster Bookstore Staff, 2013

“At last—a single volume examining beginning-of-life issues that is equally competent in biology, theology, philosophy and pastoral care. This is now the 'must read' book in the field, a necessary resource not only for pastors, ethicists, and laypersons who share her Christian convictions, but also for anyone who wants to participate knowledgeably in current bioethical debates.”
- D. A. Carson, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Chicago

“Megan Best has committed a large part of her life to understanding the medical and ethical issues we face in relation to conception, birth, abortion, miscarriage, pregnancy, and reproductive technologies of all kinds. She weaves together the best secular knowledge, ethical, moral and historical writings,medical research, public policy, law, personal experience and biblical wisdom. This incredible synthesis is done with humility and grace, with great compassion and without judgement.”
- Trevor Cairney OAM, Master of New College, UNSW, Sydney

“This is an outstanding resource for concerned Christian laypeople, health professionals, church leaders and students. It is authoritative, up to date, meticulously researched and pastorally sensitive. I strongly recommend this remarkable book. Megan writes honestly and compassionately from her personal experience as an ethicist, palliative-care doctor, Christian speaker and parent.”
- John Wyatt, Emeritus Professor of Ethics and Perinatology, University College of London