Housewife Theologian: How the Gospel Interrupts the Ordinary

Housewife Theologian: How the Gospel Interrupts the Ordinary
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Byrd, Aimee


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Publisher’s Description

This book is for women—for all women who want to explore beneath the superficial and get to know God, and themselves, better. While striving to find meaning amid the mundane and ordinary, many women find themselves swallowed up by culture’s expectations, trying to escape the labels that trap and define them. But Aimee Byrd is determined to reclaim terms like housewife, which have divided many women, to unite them instead in their common calling.

What is this calling, and how can women rise above what the world offers? By taking back another term—theologian—and knowing God intimately. Aimee will help you evaluate your Christian life and see your world form a different perspective.

About the Author

Aimee Byrd is just an ordinary mom of three living in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Aside from that amazing gig, Aimee has made a fool of herself in martial arts training, survived college, dabbled in ceramics, owned a coffee shop, braved leading the youth group with her husband, become a Bible study teacher and blogger, and done a little speaking on the side. Since her children’s schedules have majorly cut into her social life, she has resorted to writing.

Book Details

240 Pages
Publisher: P&R Publishing Company
Publication Date: August 2013
ISBN 10: 1596386657
ISBN 13: 9781596386655

“This is a fine book, written with gusto and infectious enthusiasm by a lady who glories in the counter cultural role of being a housewife and yet moves beyond that to delight in the character of God himself, the salvation he has wrought and the lives he calls his people to live. Frankly, if I had a feminine side, I suspect this book would have put me in touch with it. Thankfully, I don’t—but the Housewife Theologian almost makes me wish I did.”
– Carl R Trueman, Paul Woolley Professor of Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary

“Aimee Byrd has created a resource that will benefit women tremendously. This book is the result of Aimee’s passion to think about whatever is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, and praiseworthy. Dive into this theology primer for housewives in the context of community. The intentional journaling questions at the end of each chapter will certainly facilitate some fantastic discussions in your small groups.”
– Gloria Furman, author, Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home

“When we think of a “housewife“ words like doormat, archaic, and cleaning may come to mind; but what about theologian? In Housewife Theologian, Aimee Byrd turns the word on its head bringing it back to life and reminding us of the unique opportunity to leverage learning as we serve our families. She makes being a housewife beautiful, and it is. She covers a broad range of topics such as submission, beauty, and sex using God’s word as the foundation for each subject. Housewife Theologian is theological yet relatable as we get to know her better through her personal stories. Aimee’s words make me eager to open my Bible and learn more about God, who is in the mundane of my everyday as a housewife theologian!”
– Trillia Newbell, author, writer, Editor, Karis, the Women’s Channel at The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

“With wisdom, warmth, and wit Aimee challenges women to think biblically about all of life. She connects sound doctrine to daily life in a way that inspires us to intentionally live out the gospel.”
– Susan Hunt, author; Women’s Ministry Consultant, Christian Education and Publications, Presbyterian Church in America