Love Into Light: The Gospel, the Homosexual and the Church

Love Into Light: The Gospel, the Homosexual and the Church
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Hubbard, Peter


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The church has often been afraid to talk about homosexuality. Many Christians feel confused and divided between the call to love and the call for truth. And many who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction feel alone and alienated by the church. The time is ripe for God's people to think and speak about same-sex attraction in a way that is both biblical and beneficial, seeing ourselves together in need of the grace of Jesus. Love Into Light is designed to move the church toward that end.

About the Author

Peter Hubbard is Teaching Pastor at North Hills Community Church in Taylors, SC, where he has communicated the truth of the scriptures since the church began in 1992. Peter appreciates the never-ending opportunities to engage with hurting people and to apply the hope of the gospel to the messy places of ourlives. He has earned two masters degrees and is currently completing a doctor of ministry degree in pastoral counseling at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Peter and his wife Karen have been married for twenty-five years and have four children.

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176 Pages
Publisher: Ambassador International
Publication Date: July 2013
ISBN 10: 1620202220
ISBN 13: 9781620202227

“This comes at just the right time. . .Those who live under Scripture are increasingly eager to put on humility, speak with and learn from those who experience same-sex attraction, and consider what all this means for life in Christ’s Kingdom.”
- Ed Welch, Counselor and faculty member, CCEF

Love Into Light looks at the issue of homosexuality through the lens of Scripture with scholarly insight and pastoral care. It goes beyond the simplistic “hate the sin, love the sinner” rhetoric by showing what it looks like to biblically love and care for our brothers and sisters who struggle with SSA in the church. As a person who has been struggling with SSA my whole life, reading this book is helpful because it points me to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in the way I look at my heart, my identity, and my place in the church. After reading the book, my hope is renewed as I look forward to the day when the church can love one another, and our Savior, perfectly.”
- Friend of Westminster Bookstore who asked to remain anonymous

“Peter Hubbard invades the world of same sex attraction in order to understand the struggle, empathize with the fear, alienation and pain felt by Christians who are called by God to walk in this path of suffering, and love our brothers and sisters into the family of Christ instead of pushing them away. Our gospel is robust, powerful and more than sufficient for every kind of human dilemma, especially this one, and Hubbard is breathtakingly Christ-like in showing us how to listen, understand, draw near to and comfort those broken hearted by their own sinful desires and over-desires. Please read this book and give it as a gift to your pastor, elders, and friends.”
- Barbara Duguid, Counselor and Ministry Assistant, Christ Presbyterian Church, Grove City, PA

“For Christians struggling with a biblical grammar to shape our speech about same-sex attraction, Love into Light is a timely gift. The offerings of this book are clear yet nuanced. There is no chest-beating masculinity or homophobic anxiety fueling the argument. In fact, those in search of ammunition for such sentiments in the name of Christianity will be sorely disappointed. What one will find in these pages is the gracious and courageous voice of a pastor, a pastor who has thoughtfully engaged the Scriptures, the Christian tradition, and real people who wrestle with same-sex attraction. Love into Light is a big welcome mat at the church’s front door for people who struggle with same-sex attraction and for those who wish to love them in Christ’s name.”
- Dr. Mark S. Gignilliat, Associate Professor of Divinity, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University

“What a powerFully insightful book this is. We have needed a reliable guide to lead us discerningly to a faithful understanding of the church’s gospel-responsibilities — and opportunities — with respect to a cultural phenomenon we can no longer ignore. With counsel that is marked by rich pastoral experience and faithful, informed biblical application, Peter Hubbard here proves to be that guide. I am not aware of a more valuable 'first resource' to help shape our thinking on this very contemporary issue.”
- Dr. Fred G. Zaspel, Reformed Baptist Church, Franconia, PA; Calvary Baptist Seminary, Lansdale, PA

“Peter Hubbard is a gifted teacher, and he wisely navigates what are uncharted waters for many Christians: How should churches relate to others with same-sex attractions?”
- Andy Naselli, Assistant Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology, Bethlehem College and Seminary, Minneapolis

“We live in a day where we face challenges that require God’s wisdom. These challenges are designed by God to cause us to look to Him as to how He might use them to revive His church and equip it to be humble enough to love a broken world. This book reflects the wisdom from above which is described as both gentle and full of mercy as well as pure, unwavering, and without hypocrisy (James 3:17). It is a labor of love and contains vital truths that all of us need to hear and heed.”
- Bill Thrasher, Professor, Moody Theological Seminary