Paul's Letter to the Romans (Pillar New Testament Commentary)

Paul's Letter to the Romans (Pillar New Testament Commentary)
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Kruse, Colin G.


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Listen to a lecture by Colin Kruse entitled Introduction to Romans. (The Gospel Coalition)

Publisher's Description

In keeping with the aims of the Pillar series, Colin Kruse in this commentary explains Romans to serious pastors, teachers, and students of the Bible. Kruse -- a well-known evangelical scholar -- solidly bases his exegesis on the Greek text, in conversation with scholarly literature, both ancient and modern, and with special attention to the literature of the last thirty years.

This commentary shows how Paul expounds and defends the gospel against the background of God's sovereign action as creator, judge, and redeemer of the world. In the process, Kruse elucidates Paul's teaching about matters of concern in the Roman house churches -- issues that remain important today. Kruse's clarity and economy in dealing with such complex and important matters, along with the other features mentioned above, promise to make this commentary an enduring standard for years to come.

656 Pages
Published June 2012

About the Author

Colin G. Kruse is lecturer in New Testament at the Bible College of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.

About the Series:

The Pillar New Testament Commentary, designed for serious readers of the Bible, seeks above all to make clear the meaning of the text of Scripture as we have it. Writers of the PNTC volumes interact with the most important, informed contemporary debate yet avoid undue technical detail. Their ideal is a blend of rigorous exegesis and exposition, scholarship and pastoral sensitivity, with an eye alert both to biblical theology and to the contemporary relevance of the Bible.

About the Editor: D. A. Carson is research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois. He has written or edited more than fifty other books, including The Gagging of God: Christianity Confronts Pluralism, Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church, and Christ and Culture Revisited.

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Book Details

656 Pages
Publisher: Eerdmans Publishing Company
Publication Date: June 2012
ISBN 10: 0802837433
ISBN 13: 9780802837431

“Among the many commentaries available on Romans today, Colin Kruse’s Pillar volume stands out for its combination of academic depth and accessibility. He accurately and readably summarizes the many current controversies about aspects of Romans’ meaning and theology while pursuing his own clear and balanced explanation of the meaning of the text.”
— Douglas J. Moo

“The Pillar New Testament Commentary series has already distinguished itself as the finest up-to-date, mid-range commentary series on the market today, with virtually every volume produced thus far of exceptional quality. Colin Kruse’s volume maintains this high standard. ... Kruse always lets the reader clearly know why he has chosen the positions that he has and is eminently fair to those he ultimately rejects. Written by a veteran scholar and teacher, this commentary merits wide usage and a warm reception.”
— Craig Blomberg

“In recent decades (to go back no further), Romans has called forth a disturbingly large array of interpretations. That means a good commentary must not only provide a reliable unpacking of the text, but it must also be a useful guide to the plethora of books and essays that swirl around this letter. Enter Colin Kruse. ... It is a pleasure to commend this commentary and include it in the series..”
— D. A. Carson

“This comprehensive commentary on Paul’s supreme theological achievement, which was motivated by his pastoral responsibility, is an anchor contribution to Pauline studies.”
— James R. Edwards

“Colin Kruse’s Romans will take its place among the best of the best English commentaries on Paul’s magisterial epistle. It is extraordinarily comprehensive while being also transparently readable. The commentary is textually insightful and theologically robust within the Reformed tradition... Congratulations for the achievement of a lifetime.”
— Paul W. Barnett