Reasons of the Heart

Reasons of the Heart

Edgar, William


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“Apologetics has a deeply human side that is concerned with the whole person,” says William Edgar. This book bears that out in both tone and content. While affirming the importance of reason in answering unbelief, Edgar invites us to make full use of the diverse forms of persuasion aimed at the unbelieving heart.

Reasons of the Heart prepares us to explain the gospel in ways that reach the entire person. These biblical strategies address ways of knowing that exceed a dry rationalism.

“Effective apologetics is an art: it addresses the whole person—mind, emotion, and will. With insight and practical wisdom, William Edgar outlines, clarifies, and illustrates the complex apologetic tasks. What intrigues me most is his explanation of how the Bible itself—from start to finish—engages in apologetics. Excellent for both beginning and veteran apologists.” - James W. Sire

128 Pages
Published Summer 2003

About the Author

William Edgar is professor of apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary, as well as an ordained minister, a musicologist, and a jazz musician. His published works include The Face of Truth, Truth in All Its Glory, and articles on cultural apologetics, the music of Brahms, and African-American life.

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128 Pages
Publisher: P&R Publishing Company
Publication Date: Summer 2003
ISBN 10: 0875525954
ISBN 13: 9780875525952