Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative

Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative
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Trueman, Carl R.


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Publisher's Description

Politics has become something of a joke - but not a funny one. ‘Sound-bite’ and ‘knee-jerk’ have replaced reasoned debate and the Church appears to wear a one-size-fits-all political jacket. Isn’t it time to think a bit deeper? Carl Trueman takes you on a readable, provocative, and lively romp through Christianity and politics.

110 Pages
Published September 2010

About the Author

Carl R. Trueman (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is Paul Woolley Professor of Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary. He was editor of Themelios for nine years, has written more than a dozen books, and has contributed to multiple publications, including the Dictionary of Historical Theology and The Cambridge Companion to Reformation Theology.

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110 Pages
Publisher: P&R Publishing Company
Publication Date: September 2010
ISBN 10: 1596381833
ISBN 13: 9781596381834

“What we really have here is a lonely thinker who longs for the truth of a better city that he cannot find on either side of the Atlantic. He lampoons the cherished political idols that dominate our political landscape. I couldn’t suppress chortles of laughter, alongside shocks of disdain and disagreement, all the while admiring Trueman’s unmasking of the well-camouflaged foolishness on all points of the political spectrum. This historian-turned-pundit, with all the force of a prizefighter’s left jab and right hook, leaves the left, right, and center (or centre) reeling on the ropes. Therefore, I heartily recommend that you read this book, but you do so at your own peril. Its intensity, as well as its pointed, provocative, and persuasive prose, will force you to look at the Vanity Fair of politics from a pilgrim’s perspective. It’s just possible that you, too, will begin to yearn for a better city.”
- Peter Lillback, President of the Providence Forum

“Carl Trueman has, with this book, broken the ammonia capsule under the noses of every starry-eyed conservative Christian, in the thrall of Republicans, capitalists, Fox News, and a gospel of mere self-interest. Here is a gauntlet that will land heavily on the toes of any who dare to take it up and read. Republocrat slices open the pretensions of conservative American Christianity, but not to eviscerate. His purpose, sanely and boldly argued, is to call Chris- tians to a more carefully reasoned and biblically sound pursuit of the kingdom of God. This is a pastoral book from one who is serious about the church and earnest on behalf of the business of our King.”
- T. M. Moore, Dean of the BreakPoint Centurions Program

“As Carl Trueman points out in his witty, provocative, and deeply well-informed way, the alliance of conservative Christianity with conservative (neoliberal) politics is a circumstance of our own context in U.S. politics—neither historically nor logically necessary. Tie the faith too closely to right-wing politics, and it’s no wonder that younger Christians think they have to check out of orthodoxy when they move left of center politically. Regardless of one’s own views, this book will delight, frustrate, and encourage healthy dis- cussions that we have needed to have for a long time.”
- Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

“The disturbing alliance of conservative theology and right-wing politics is faced head-on in this timely and brave treatment by renowned historical-theologian and social commentator Carl Trueman. Even if readers disagree with Dr. Trueman’s conclusions, the sharpness of his critique should disturb the most entrenched political consciousness, particularly if the foundations of convic- tion are shown to have little or no biblical support. Writing in a predictably provocative and forthright manner, Trueman pulls few, if any, punches. Republocrat is a timely and robust assessment of a vitally important issue and a cri de coeur for a reappraisal of the conservative church’s current political alliance.”
- Derek W. H. Thomas, John E. Richards Professor of Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary

“Nothing like an outsider’s eye to bring into focus the difficulty of relating conservative politics with conservative Christianity. Relating political parties and their agendas to biblical teaching has rarely been more difficult than today. In this highly readable analysis of evan- gelicals’ tendency to relate Christian faith to conservative politics, Trueman, a Brit playing a modern-day de Tocqueville, warns against absolutizing any political/economic worldview. His best advice: Be eclectic when listening to and reading political pundits, and be thoughtfully and actively engaged in the democratic process.”
- W. Andrew Hoffecker, Professor of Church History, Reformed Theological Seminary

“Carl Trueman is a unique individual. Only a man of his intellectual stature and personal charity would have the courage and grace to bring together the best of both the political left and the religious right in the name of Christian statesmanship. Trueman parries and thrusts against those to the left and the right of him. Like the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse, he knocks over the sacred crockery of the Tea Party, and pours down scorn and plagues on tree-hugging, femonazi, sissy liberals. If you’re a pro-gun, pro-homeschooling, anti-Obama conservative who believes that it is America’s duty to nuke Iran, this book will disturb you. If you’re a cross-dressing, earth-worshiping, gay, atheist professor at Yale who thinks killing unborn babies is moral, this book will infuriate you. Trueman’s attempt to indigenize British communitarianism within libertarian America in the name of Christian political responsibility is sheer genius. This is political ecumenism at its very best. If Trueman were running for governor on the Republocrat ticket, I’d vote for him. I’m Michael Bird. And I endorse this message!”
- Michael F. Bird, Highland Theological College, Scotland, and Crossway Bible College, Australia