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Revelation and Reason: New Essays in Reformed Apologetics

Revelation and Reason: New Essays in Reformed Apologetics
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Oliphint, K. Scott;Lane G. Tipton;


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The purpose of this collection of essays is to set in the foreground the necessity of exegetical and theological foundations for any Reformed, Christian apologetic. A Reformed apologetic is only Reformed to the extent that its tenets, principles, methodology, etc. are formed and re-formed by Scripture.

It is our hope that this book will demonstrate the necessity of the truth of Scripture, and the implications of that truth, for apologetics. These essays are meant to spell out more clearly the need for, and the beauty of, an apologetic surrounded by the rich truths of the Reformed faith.

Westminster Seminary Faculty Contributors: William Edgar, Richard B. Gaffin, Jeffery K. Jue, K. Scott Oliphint, and Lane G. Tipton

Former WTS Faculty and Other Contributors: Mois├ęs Silva, John M. Frame, Michael S. Horton, Thom E. Notaro, William D. Dennison, Michael W. Payne, Don Collett

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336 Pages
Publisher: P and R Publishing Company
Publication Date: June 2007
ISBN 10: 0875525962
ISBN 13: 9780875525969