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Seeing with New Eyes: Counseling and the Human Condition through the Lens of Scripture

Seeing with New Eyes: Counseling and the Human Condition through the Lens of Scripture
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Powlison, David A.


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Listen to an interview with David Powlison entitled Seeing with New Eyes. (Sermon Audio)

Publisher's Description

"When our gaze awakens to the gaze of God, we have started to see. Seeing clearly, we can love well. Seeing with New Eyes is a collection of essays by noted CCEF counselor and apologist David Powlison, editor of The Journal of Biblical Counseling. Through Bible exposition, topical essay, editorial and sermon, the book explores two main topics:

  • Scripture: In his Word, God speaks into real life to help us understand him and his intentions. How do we embrace Scripture to hear him at that level?
  • People: How can this deeper understanding of Scripture help us understand - and help - people (including ourselves) amid the problems of daily life?
Seeing with New Eyes shows us how to look at many common struggles through the lens of Scripture, including:
  • Worry
  • Victimization
  • "Love languages"
  • The new biomedical approach to personal struggles
Powlison encourages readers to "think Christianly" about such things by learning to think God's thoughts after him. "Does God have a take on counseling?" he asks. "Of course, yes, amen." This book will help you to listen, look, and think wisely - and with renewed hope - following the patterns of God's gaze.

About the Author

David Powlison is the editor of the Journal of Biblical Counseling and a member of the faculty and counseling staff at the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (CCEF) in Glenside, Pennsylvania. He also teaches at Westminster Theological Seminary.

Powlison grew up in Hawaii and graduated from Harvard University. He became a Christian while working in a psychiatric hospital, through the ministry of his college friend, Bob Kramer, to whom this book is dedicated. Powlison earned an MDiv from Westminster Theological Seminary, and an MA and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.

Powlison is the author of Power Encounters: Reclaiming Spiritual Warfare; Competent to Counsel?: The History of a Conservative Protestant Anti-Psychiatry Movement; and numerous articles. He has written many booklets in the Resources for Changing Lives series, and edited Counsel the Word. Powlison is also a board member and Fellow of the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors.

Book Details

276 Pages
Publisher: P and R Publishing Company
Publication Date: October 2003
ISBN 10: 087552608X
ISBN 13: 9780875526089

"David Powlinson has profoundly impacted my ministry by teaching me the discipline of seeing life through the lens of Scripture rather than the other way around. The crumbs from Dave's table - his most casual comments - have nourished me for years. This is a feast of biblical insight."
- Ken Sande

"With fresh insight and skillful creativity, Powlinson demonstrates that the Bible, when rightly understood, speaks with the full weight of God's authority. This book will help counselors and anyone who wants to live life and minister in a distinctly biblical way."
- Wayne Mack

"Seeing with New Eyes will transform your perspective and focus your faith on the sufficient truth of Scripture and on our Scripture's God. I heartily recommend it!"
- Elyse Fitzpatrick, author of Idol's of the Heart

"Powlison urges counselors to speak directly to people rather than use abstractions. In this excellent book he takes a number of Bible passages and speaks them right into our hearts. Reading this is a rich experience for counselors and for everyone who wants to apply God's Word to his or her life."
- John Frame, Former Faculty, Westminster Theological Seminary