Structure of Biblical Authority

Structure of Biblical Authority
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Kline, Meredith G.


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Listen to an 11-part lecture by Meredith Kline entitled Old Testament Exegesis. (Third Millennium Ministries)

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“Ten years ago in the preface to Treaty of the Great King I commented on the importance of the rediscovery of the ancient treaty form for our understanding of the origins of the canon concept. Development of this theme waited, however, while attention was given to studies of the significance of the treaties for the interpretation of the biblical covenant concept itself and for the recovery of the meaning of the covenant signs of circumcision and baptism. Those studies eventually appear as By Oath Consigned (1968).

“My continuing primary interest in the relevance of the recent treaty investigations for theology moves on in the present volume from the doctrine of the Word. The initial concern with the canonical aspect of Scripture led inevitably to reexamination of the formal character of Scripture as such. 'What is the Bible?' became a central question, and it receives here a somewhat distinctive answer, in line with the new direction taken in the formulation of biblical canonicity. Because of the limitations of the author's field of specialization the focus of these studies is on the Old Testament, but some suggestions are ventured for the extension of the main theses into the New Testament.” – From the Preface

About the Author

Meredith G. Kline (1922–2008) was Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He received his BD and ThM degrees from Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia) and his PhD degree in Assyriology and Egyptology from Dropsie College. Professor Kline maintained an active writing and teaching ministry, serving on the faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary in Escondido, California. He was also an ordained minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. The collection of essays in the recently-published Creator, Redeemer, Consummator, a festschrift written in honor of Dr. Kline, attests to the indelible influence his work has exerted on contemporary biblical and theological scholarship.

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220 Pages
Publisher: Wipf and Stock
Publication Date: November 1997
ISBN 10: 1579100694
ISBN 13: 9781579100698