The Archer and the Arrow: Preaching the Very Words of God

The Archer and the Arrow: Preaching the Very Words of God
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Jensen, Phillip D.; Grimmond, Paul


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Publisher's Description

My aim is to preach the gospel by prayerfully expounding the Bible to the people God has given me to love.

Join Phillip Jensen and Paul Grimmond as they explore each phrase in this carefully wrought statement, and show not only why faithful, powerful, biblical preaching is so important, but how to go about it.

About the Authors

Phillip Jensen is an internationally renowned preacher and evangelist. He is the author of the well-known Two Ways to Live gospel presentation, as well as numerous books and Bible study materials, including Guidance and the Voice of God. He currently serves as Dean of Sydney at St Andrew’s Cathedral. Phillip and his wife, Helen, have three children and a growing number of grandchildren.

Paul Grimmond is a gifted and well-known Bible teacher, currently serving on the campus of the University of NSW. He is the author of Right Side Up, a book aimed at helping new Christians to understand the Christian life. Paul lives with his wife, Cathy, and their three children in Sydney’s east.

Book Details

140 Pages
Publisher: Matthias Media USA
Publication Date: September 2010
ISBN 13: 9781921441806

"Phillip Jensen has been both faithfully and provocatively preaching God's word for decades. Here he tells us how. His observations are keen, his suggestions convicting, his speaking plain. (And he also finally explains for us why most commentaries are so useless to the preacher!)"
- Mark Dever, Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington DC, USA President of 9Marks

"Having gained so much from Phillip Jensen's preaching, I am delighted that his thoughts and instruction on the preacher's task are now in print. They are characteristically rooted in Scripture, radical, challenging and inspiring, and will be a great help to all preachers—from the novice to the veteran."
- Vaughan Roberts, Rector, St Ebbe's Church, Oxford, UK

"The disciple-making vision of The Trellis and the Vine will only be realized through the kind of fearless, Bible-driven proclamation of the gospel that has been the hallmark of Phillip Jensen's ministry. For over 20 years I watched him train a generation of young preachers during their ministry apprenticeship. This brilliant book now distils this wisdom for every preacher and would-be preacher."
- Colin Marshall, Author, The Trellis and the Vine, Sydney, Australia

"Most preachers learn to preach from preachers who have been used by God to convert, mature, and train them. Some of this learning is conscious, some is unconscious. So this book is important, as it articulates the preaching of Phillip Jensen, whose teaching of the Bible has been of significant influence in Australia and overseas.
"The book clarifies the key features of his preaching: gospel-focused, biblical, theological, passionate, loving, and pastorally applied; and it suggests ways in which we should gain the same strengths in our preaching. Highly recommended."
- Peter Adam, Principal, Ridley Melbourne Mission and Ministry College, Australia

"Preaching is the lifeblood of the local church. God not only forms his church through his word, he also grows, strengthens and matures his church through his word. This is an outstanding book by one of the world's foremost preachers. It is essential reading for any would-be Bible teacher."
- William Taylor, Rector, St Helen's Bishopsgate, London, UK

"I remember a journalist once describing Phillip's preaching as being "like a submarine commander addressing his sailors." I've always thought that was close to the mark. For over 30 years I've heard Phillip preach the Bible as it is—a matter of life and death. This book is gold, and gives us decades of prayer and thought and practice in how to preach the Scriptures as the very words of God."
- Al Stewart, Director, Evangelism Ministries (New Churches), Sydney, Australia