Unfolding Mystery: Discovering Christ in the Old Testament (Second Edition)

Unfolding Mystery: Discovering Christ in the Old Testament (Second Edition)
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Clowney, Edmund P.


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Publisher's Description

Have you ever wondered what Christ said to his disciples to make their hearts burn on the Emmaus road? Follow Ed Clowney through the Old Testament as he shows how all the Scriptures point to Christ.

As you explore Old Testament characters and events, you’ll be inspired by the many specific insights they give us into Jesus’ character and lordship.

About the Author

Edmund Clowney (Th.B., Westminster Theological Seminary; S.T.M., Yale University), President, Westminster Theological Seminary, 1966-1982; Professor Emeritus of Practical Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, was an influential pastor, theologian, and educator. He was author of several acclaimed works, including How Jesus Transforms the Ten Commandments shortly before his death in 2005.

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220 Pages
Publisher: P&R Publishing Company
Publication Date: August 2013
ISBN 10: 1596388927
ISBN 13: 9781596388925

“Edmund Clowney was the master of rich, heartwarming, doxological preaching, showing us that Christ is indeed the central theme of all the Scriptures. This wonderful book is both a fitting legacy for him and an inspiring introduction to his work for a new generation of Christians.”
- Iain M. Duguid (M.Div., Westminster Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Cambridge University), professor of Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary and professor of Biblical and Religious Studies, Grove City College, Grove City, PA

“Many Christians, particularly Protestants, functionally believe that the New Testament is the real Bible. They may hesitantly add the book of Psalms. In The Unfolding Mystery, Edmund Clowney shows us how impoverished a view of the Bible this is; indeed, how impoverished a view of Christ himself this is. For Christ was not only foretold in the Old Testament but is woven into its entire fabric. There would have been no Messiah, no Son of God, no unique way, truth, and life, in the New Testament without all that transpired in the Old. In this volume, Dr. Clowney presents Jesus Christ eloquently, even passionately, as the savior of sinners, their defender and friend. This is a book to be read slowly, for it contains countless treasures and spiritual insights.”
– William Edgar (M.Div., Westminster Theological Seminary; D.Théol., Université de Genève), Professor of Apologetics and John Boyer Chair of Evangelism and Culture, Westminster Theological Seminary

“Dr. Clowney&rquo;s admirable treatment should be greatly valued. . . . Expect your heart to be stirred, as well as your head cleared.”
– J. I. Packer, Board of Governors’ Professor of Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia

“If you want to discover the story line that drives all the stores of the Bible and if you wan that story to change you, you should read The Unfolding Mystery. Edmund Clowney brings to these pages an artist’s zeal for coherent beauty together with a pastor–scholar’s love for Jesus Christ. Read this book with some friends, taking time to discuss the questions at the end of each chapter. By all means give it to your pastor. If he cannot preach Christ from the Old Testament, he should not be in the pulpit.”
– Charles Drew, Senior Minister, Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, Manhattan; author of The Ancient Love Song: Finding Christ in the Old Testament

“On the trek from Jerusalem to Emmaus, two downcast disciples found their broken hearts transformed into burning hearts, as the Stranger showed them in Israel's Scriptures God's plan for his beloved Christ to pass through suffering into glory, redeeming his people. Over the last quarter century, Edmund Clowney’s Unfolding Mystery has guided thousands of readers along the same path through the Old Testament on which Jesus led those two, replacing shattered dreams with confident joy. Come, meet the Hero of all history—the last Adam, Abraham’ promised son, the Servant of the Lord, the Rock struck to give others life, the anointed warrior–king, the prince of peace, the Lord whose longed–for arrival has brought us salvation. As you discover Christ throughout the Old Testament, you will find his Spirit setting your heart ablaze with love for him who loved and loves you so.”
– Dennis E. Johnson (M.Div., Th.M., Westminster Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary), Professor of Practical Theology, Director of Field Education, Westminster Seminary California

“With so many books on preaching already published and with so many sermons readily available online, why another? Because this book presents some of the finest notes for those who are eager to learn more of Christ–centered, expository preaching and teaching that touches head, heart, and hands. Ed Clowney demonstrates with clarity, cogency, and compassion all that a herald of King Jesus is called to do and be. It is a book to be read and then reread, not only for professional development in preaching and teaching, but also—and perhaps more importantly— for spiritual nourishment as it propels us onward and upward to the risen and exalted Christ, the glorious ‘unfolding mystery’ of all the Scriptures.”
– Julius J. Kim (M.Div., Westminster Seminary California; Ph.D., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School), dean of Students, associated professor of Practical Theology, Westminster Seminary California, Escondido

“In reading the Old Testament, many Christians see loosely connected narratives that are understood as happy and sad stories telling us how to, and how not to, live. But we miss the overarching grand narrative—the account of how mankind possessed everything, lost everything, and how God raised up one nation to repossess what was lost. Edmund Clowney in The Unfolding Mystery shows us how Israel’s stumbling and bumbling leads to the one man, Jesus Christ, in whom all the narratives of the Old Testament come together into the greatest story, that of repossessing everything that God intends for his people. Ed enables us to see the Old Testament as a single thrilling narrative that brings us to Jesus, the restorer of all that was lost who leads his people to something more than they can dare to imagine.”
– Joseph (Skip) Ryan (M.Div. and D.D.; Westminster Theological Seminary–Philadelphia), Chancellor and Professor of Practical Theology, Redeemer Seminary, Dallas

“Dr. Clowney magnifies the wonder of the Bible's holy refrain: behold the Christ, the ultimate prophet, priest, and king! One’ faith grows in direct proportion to one’s grasp of the person and work of Christ. I cannot remember another book, outside the Bible itself, that has so enhanced my mental clarity and enflamed my heart’s delight in my Savior.
In this second edition two covenant heirs—grandfather Ed Clowney and granddaughter Eowyn Stoddard—combine their efforts to both embody and express covenant blessing in this glorious work that magnifies the Covenant Maker himself. This is a treasure to be savored slowly and prayerfully. To read this quickly is to rob oneself of some of the sweetest tastes of biblical grace and truth that God's Word discloses about our beloved King and Savior. Oh, come, taste, and see that the Lord is indeed good!”
– Joe Novenson, Senior Teaching Pastor, Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church, Lookout Mountain, TN