Walking with God through Pain and Suffering

Walking with God through Pain and Suffering
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Keller, Timothy


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“This is a dark world. There are many ways we keep that darkness at bay, but we cannot do it forever. Eventually the lights of our lives—love, health, home, work—will begin to go out. And when that happens, we will need something more than our own understanding, competence, and power can give us.”

The question of why God would allow pain and suffering in the world has vexed believers and nonbelievers forever. Timothy Keller, whose books have sold millions of copies to both religious and secular readers, takes on this enduring issue and shows that there is meaning and reason behind pain and suffering, making a forceful and groundbreaking case that this essential part of the human experience can truly be overcome only by understanding our relationship with God.

As the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, Timothy Keller is known for his unique insights into religion and culture. Keller's series of books has guided countless readers in their spiritual journeys. Walking with God through Pain and Suffering uses biblical wisdom and personal stories of overcoming adversity to bring a much-needed, fresh viewpoint to this important issue.

About the Author

Timothy Keller was born and raised in Pennsylvania and educated at Bucknell University, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and Westminster Theological Seminary. He was first a pastor in Hopewell, Virginia. In 1989, he started Redeemer Presbyterian church in New York City with is wife, Kathy, and their three sons. Today, Redeemer has more than five thousand regular Sunday attendees and has helped to start more than 250 churches around the world. Also the author of Every Good Endeavor, The Meaning of Marriage, Jesus the King, Generous Justice, Counterfeit God's, The Prodigal God, The Reason for God, and the Encounters with Jesus eSeries, Timothy Keller lives in New York City with his family. Connect online at redeemer.com and timothykeller.com

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356 Pages
Publisher: Penguin Group
Publication Date: October 2013
ISBN 10: 0525952454
ISBN 13: 9780525952459

“In this work Tim Keller offers a thoughtful extended meditation upon the nature of suffering in the life of the Christian. As all must suffer sooner or later, such books are always useful. With biblical and anecdotal examples, Keller adds to the literature with a book that is well worth pondering and at numerous times both moving, pastoral, practical and wise. It will not be everyone's cup of tea: the chosen dialogue partners sometimes give the argument a feel of sixties beatnik meets modern day coffee bar intellectual; but for those who can push through the trendiness, the effort will be repaid.”
- Carl R. Trueman, Paul Woolley Professor of Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary

“I can't think of a better resource for understanding suffering, enduring it with hope, and helping others whose suffering runs too deep for any word except the Word—the One who is truly with us and for us.”
- Gerald L. Sittser, Professor of Theology, Whitworth University; author, A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows through Loss and A Grace Revealed: How God Redeems the Story of Your Life