Wise Words For Moms

Wise Words For Moms

Plowman, Ginger


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Wise Words for Moms is an answer to one of the most frequently asked questions, "How can I find passages of Scripture that will enable me to address heart issues?" Ginger Plowman has identified themes of response we find in our children and located passages of scripture that will address heart issues in richly biblical ways. Laid out in a calendar like format to hang on the wall for easy reference.

10 Pages
Published March 2001

Book Details

10 Pages
Publisher: Shepherd Press
Publication Date: March 2001
ISBN 13: 9780966378665

"The Bible is very clear about the responsibility of parents to discipline their children, and to raise them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Tragically, America now faces an epidemic of undisciplined children. In Wise Words for Mom Ginger Plowman offers assistance and guidance for Christian mothers seeking to raise godly children. Her advice is particularly helpful for mothers of young children. This is not a task for cowards. Wise Words for Mom will help mothers to bend young twigs into strong and faithful trees. Every father ought to borrow Mom’s copy as well."
- R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary