A Method for Prayer: Freedom in the Face of God

A Method for Prayer: Freedom in the Face of God
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Henry, Matthew


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Recommended by Carl R. Trueman of Westminster Theological Seminary.
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Publisher's Description

True prayer comes from the heart, so why do we need a method? The great devotional commentator and pastor, Matthew Henry, shows that Christians benefit from discipline just as much as talking freely with God. You will discover the methods Jesus taught, look at styles of prayer, see helpful examples and be warmly introduced to communing freely with God on a new level of understanding.

Ligon Duncan has edited the original text to make it more accessible to the modern reader. He has also added Henry's sermons on prayer, his advice on spending time each day in prayer, outlines for scriptural prayer and advice on leading in public prayer.

About the Author

Matthew Henry (1662–1714) has been known and loved for three centuries for his devotional commentary on the Bible. It has not been generally known that he was also a distinguished preacher. He began preaching at twenty-four years old and held pastorates until his death. The greatness of his sermons consists in their scriptural content, lucid presentation, practical application, and Christ-centeredness.

About the Editor

Ligon Duncan, is the Senior Minister of the historic First Presbyterian Church (PCA), Jackson, Mississippi and was moderator of the General Assembly of the PCA (2004-2005). He is John E. Richards Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) and is Convener of the Twin Lakes Fellowship, President of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, Chairman of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, and on the Council of the Gospel Coalition.

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304 Pages
Publisher: Christian Focus
Publication Date: November 2012
ISBN 10: 1857920686
ISBN 13: 9781857920680

“The hallmark of good prayer is that it is saturated in God's own words. That is the strength of this remarkable little book by Matthew Henry. Any who spend the time to read this little treatise will have their eyes opened to how to weave the richness of scripture into their private devotions and those prayers which they may be called upon to make in public. Indeed, one especially helpful feature is the way in which Henry directs the reader to particular verses to stimulate prayer on particular topics. A must for church leaders; and an excellent resource for all Christians.”
- Carl R. Trueman, Paul Woolley Professor of Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary

“This book is a classic resource for learning how to pray according to biblical priorities, and for being re-inspired to pray with a heart for God's purposes. The work is timeless because Henry's words are so resonant with the heavenly themes that enable us to face earthly trials.”
- Bryan Chapell, President Emeritus, Covenant Theological Seminary, St Louis, MO

“The great and nearly unique benefit of Henry's Method for Prayer is that it flows so directly from the biblical text. His approach enables the believer not only to read the Bible and study the Bible, but also to pray the Bible.”
- Philip G. Ryken, President, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL

“When a tool that has helped teach Christians to pray with biblical fidelity and spiritual integrity, across a span of three centuries, is being distributed again and in fresh ways, thoughtful believers can only applaud and give thanks to God for the grace that has brought forth this fruit.”
- D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL

“It's good to see this classic on prayer in an accessible edition. Ligon Duncan has done brilliant work, adapting Matthew Henry for twenty-first century readers without sacrificing any of the depth and devotional value of the original Puritan work.”
- John MacArthur, Pastor, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA

“Prayer is an amazing privilege, but it's also a discipline for which we need direction and instruction. Like a trellis, Henry's Method for Prayer helps us to grow up in a Godward direction, not only to think more biblically, but to pray more biblically as well.”
- Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology & Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

“Who of us hasn't had trouble with prayer at some time or another? And here is a God-sent solution: Matthew Henry's A Method for Prayer. This book is worth its weight in gold (platinum?). No one utilizing this book can fail to profit from it.”
- Derek Thomas, Minister of Preaching and Teaching, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC

“This is an reprint of an old classic Matthew Henry of Commentary Fame. It is two books in one...For Henry, as for other puritan nonconformists, prayer was not simply a Sunday activity. He presupposes the earnest Christian would engage in public prayer, private prayer and family prayer. He regrets that it is to spend so many hour in sleep! The value of this publication is shown by the fact that it has required three editions in recent years.”
- British Churchman Newspaper