Feminine Appeal: Seven Virtues of a Godly Wife and Mother (Redesign)

Feminine Appeal: Seven Virtues of a Godly Wife and Mother (Redesign)
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Mahaney, Carolyn


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Listen to a lecture by Carolyn Mahaney entitled Humble Orthodoxy.
Source: Sovereign Grace Ministries

Publisher's Description

You hold in your hands a mentor, a guide to spiritual maturity, and an opportunity to embrace God's plan for you as a woman, a wife, a mentor, and a mother. In this book of instruction for women of all ages, Carolyn Mahaney explores seven virtues given in Titus 2 that have transformed her life and the lives of countless other women. Learn how to live with true feminine appeal and become a woman who lives for God and helps others to do the same.

Includes a Foreword by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

About the Author

Carolyn Mahaney is a wife, mother, homemaker, author, speaker, and editor-in-chief of girltalk, a blog focusing on biblical womanhood. With over 30 years as a pastor’s wife in active ministry, Mahaney has spoken to women in many churches and conferences, including those of Sovereign Grace Ministries, the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, and Family Life. She also contributed chapters to Crossway’s Biblical Womanhood in the Home. Carolyn and her husband, C. J., are the parents of three daughters and one son.

Book Details

190 Pages
Publisher: Crossway/Good News Publishers
Publication Date: June 2012
ISBN 10: 1433534142
ISBN 13: 9781433534140

“Carolyn's warm, practical, biblical, God-centered approach offers the mature mentoring that women of every age yearn for at times. For some, Feminine Appeal may be an excellent stand-in for the mentor they lack right now. For others, it will wonderfully complement the relationship they have with an older friend of the Titus 2 sort.”
- John and Noël Piper, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis

“We love this book! It's a godsend for both wives and their husbands. It gives women a clear vision of biblical femininity and shows men what to encourage their wives towards. Carolyn has been a friend and mentor to Shannon, and we're thrilled that through these pages she provides women of all ages the same honest, convicting, and hope-filled guidance.”
- Joshua and Shannon Harris, author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye

“We'll give this book our ultimate endorsement—we have given it to all our married daughters! Carolyn offers the kind of godly, seasoned counsel that is desperately needed by women today. She is practical, authentic, and biblically based. This book ought to be required reading for every woman—married or single!”
- Dennis and Barbara Rainey, Founders, FamilyLife Today

“Feminine Appeal has had a huge impact on the women of our church. Carolyn writes with a wonderful blend of soundness, encouragement, humility, and practicality that makes this book one of the best on the market for women desiring to please God in these most basic and crucial of life callings. Feminine Appeal has been the single most valuable book on Titus 2 living for women that I (Connie) have ever read.”
- Mark and Connie Dever, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC

“We have been profoundly blessed by Carolyn's insights and wisdom. Any woman who cultivates the feminine virtues described in this book will bring joy to her husband, peace to her home, and, most importantly, glory to her God.”
- Ken and Corlette Sande, Peacemaker Ministries

“A wonderful, challenging, enjoyable book filled with practical wisdom on marriage and raising children from a woman who evidently delights in being a wife and mother....”
- Wayne and Margaret Grudem, Phoenix Seminary, Scottsdale, Arizona

Feminine Appeal is a beautiful book filled with cleansing truth. In her gentle way, Carolyn Mahaney guides the reader in the proper direction with just the right mix of conviction, encouragement, and inspiration, all buttressed by sound biblical truth. This is an invaluable read for married women as well as for young women contemplating the call of married life. We give this book our highest recommendation.”
- Lisa and Gary Thomas, author, Sacred Marriage and Sacred Parenting