Read Slow


An Encouragement to Read Books in a Day of Anxious Headlines

I realize the irony of a bookstore prescribing reading during these chaotic times. It’s a bit like a soap salesman recommending frequent hand washing. And yet there is a unique value in Book-Reading during a season when we’re bombarded with thousands of anxiety-producing, 5-second headlines. Newsfeed-Reading is designed to speed you up; it keeps you scrolling from one urgent breaking story to the next. Book-Reading slows you down; it pulls you away from your own racing thoughts about the here and now.

And before you accuse me of advocating escapism, let me take it a step further and say that it matters what books you read. While escapism ignores, meditation, in contrast, orients. Indeed, meditation is more than a helpful suggestion, it is a command for God’s people (Philippians 4:8). Books that expound on the wonderful works of God are perhaps the single greatest tool we have for orienting us towards our creator. 

In light of these unprecedented times, we, as a bookstore, would like to do something a bit different in this newsletter. We’ve collected 15 of our favorite chapters that help us slow down and understand ourselves and our God in the midst of scary and uncertain times. These readings are available to download for free. We pray they will be a comfort to you and those you care for. Please read, share and be encouraged.

Josiah Pettit, Director,