Keep Going: Overcoming Doubts about Your Faith

Keep Going: Overcoming Doubts about Your Faith
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Martin, Neil


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'Keep Going!' offers practical help to Christians struggling with their beliefs. It deals frankly, thoroughly, sympathetically and biblically with questions about assurance, judgment, biblical authenticity and the existence of God. It does so by developing and applying a simple framework for understanding intellectual struggles in the Christian life.

Topics Include:

  • Should We Expect to Struggle with the Christian Faith?
  • Belief in God
  • Authenticity of the Bible
  • Sovereignty, Responsibility, and Divine Justice
  • Lack of Assurance
  • Overcoming Struggles in Christ

304 Pages

About the Author

Neil Martin is senior designer for IDEO Product Development in the United Kingdom. He and his wife, Ruth, live with their daughter in London.

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304 Pages
Publisher: P&R Publishing Company
ISBN 13: 9781596380875

"In the book Keep Going, Neil Martin displays a keen understanding of the difficulties people find in the Christian faith. He addresses these issues clearly, logically, and pastorally. I pray that God will enable it to reach a large audience."
- Dr. John Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary

"Neil Martin brings a disciplined mind and a well-traveled heart to focus on the struggles endemic to authentic, growing faith. Keep Going is captivating, compelling, convincing - and liberating! I wish that this important book could be in the hands of every earnest young Christian"
- R. Kent Hughes, Senior Pastor Emeritus, College Church, Wheaton , IL

"Tackling the complexities of our secular, post-modern culture head on, Neil's approach is academically rigorous and practically accessible, philosophically and theologically articulate, but also clear and helpful. This work not only instills confidence but also puts the Christian on the front foot, with a framework to counter doubt with truth."
- Rev. Dr Robin Sydserff, Director of Ministry, Proclamation Trust