Radical Womanhood: Feminine Faith in a Feminist World

Radical Womanhood: Feminine Faith in a Feminist World

McCulley, Carolyn


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"Women young or old, married or single, will be instructed an inspired by this book."
- C. J. and Carolyn Mahaney

Publisher's Description

Biblical womanhood is not for the weak. In an age that seeks to obliterate God and His authority, modeling biblical womanhood involves spiritual warfare. Radical Womanhood seeks to equip new believers and long-time Christians alike, exposing the anti-God agenda of the three waves of feminism to date and presenting the pro-woman truth of the Scriptures. Illustrated with numerous personal testimonies, this book will dig deep into the Word and show how it can be lived out today. The foundation and core message of Radical Womanhood is consistent with the traditional complementarian teaching on biblical womanhood. However, the target audience, tone, and style are radically different. Most books on this subject take a heavily didactic tone that assumes an awareness of Christian lingo and a high degree of spiritual maturity. Radical Womanhood has the narrative approach appreciated by postmodern readers, but still incorporates solid, biblically-based teaching for personal application and growth.

208 Pages
Published October 2008

About the Author

Carolyn McCulley is an author and contributor to several books, as well as a contributing author for Crosswalk.com's singles channel and Focus on the Family's Boundless webzine. By day, she serves as the media specialist for Sovereign Grace Ministries. By night, she is busy posting to her blog, "Solo Femininity." Carolyn has also worked in corporate communications and as a television and commercial film producer. She is the proud aunt of six nieces and nephews.

Book Details

208 Pages
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Publication Date: October 2008
ISBN 10: 0802450849
ISBN 13: 9780802450845

"Here is a helpful, biblical, straightforward, engaging and compelling book that sets out a biblical vision for womanhood. I am so thankful that my friend Carolyn McCulley has written it. She represents the scores of godly, young, Christian women who are thoughtfully rejecting the world's notion of the "New Woman" and who are, instead, joyfully embracing the Scripture's teaching on the "True Woman." Carolyn was once deeply influenced by feminist thinking, but came to see the bankruptcy of that worldview. She wants your to understand why much of what women learn about what it means to be a woman in today's culture (whether it is taught in college, read or heard via the media, or assumed in society) leads to a dead end. More important she wants you to know why the Bible's view of womanhood inspires joy and peace.
- Ligon Duncan, Senior MInister, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi

"Radical Womanhood is a subversive message of a better way for women. With courage, clarity, history and stories that stick, Carolyn delicately dismantles the shrines of feminism wih the glories of biblical femininity. Ladies, grab a coffee, a corner and listen to Carolyn talk about how God's Word transforms women
- Dave Harvey, Author of When Sinners Say I Do

"Few voices are speaking the truth contained in these pages—but so many need to hear it. Amidst our culture's radical confusion about womanhood, Carolyn teaches the radical truth of God's wise and gracious design for women...Women young or old, married or single, will be instructed an inspired by this book."
- C. J. and Carolyn Mahaney, Sovereign Grace Ministries

"As a young woman, Carolyn McCulley eagerly embraced many of the tenets of our 'feminist world.' A personal encounter with Christ radically changed her life and led her to pursue what it mast to live as a redeemed woman. This book is the fruit of her journey."
- Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Host, Revive Our Hearts radio program

"Like an intravenous drug coursing through the vein of an unconscious patient, feminist thought has thoroughly permeated our culture. In this insightful, engaging, and relevant book, Carolyn McCulley encourages us to wake up and become radical —to live as biblically savvy women in the modern world. It's and excellent read and a stirring challenge!"
- Mary A. Kassian, author of The Feminist Mistake