The Letter to the Ephesians (Pillar New Testament Commentary)

The Letter to the Ephesians (Pillar New Testament Commentary)
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O'Brien, Peter T.


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Listen to a sermon by Peter O'Brien from Ephesians 5 entitled Be Filled With the Spirit. (Moore College)

Publisher Review:

From a foremost authority on the New Testament comes a major new commentary on Ephesians -- a letter of truth, love, and unity to our superficial world.

This newest volume in the Pillar New Testament Commentary series provides a rich exposition of Ephesians, one of the most significant documents ever written. Using the fruits of recent biblical research, Peter O'Brien shows how Ephesians sums up God's magnificent plan of salvation in Christ and spells out his divine purpose for believers today.

A model of the scholarly excellence characteristic of the entire PNTC series, O'Brien's Ephesians will become the standard work on this profoundly influential book.

569 Page
Published 1999

About the Author

Peter O'Brien is senior research fellow in New Testament, Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia.

About the Series:

The Pillar New Testament Commentary, designed for serious readers of the Bible, seeks above all to make clear the meaning of the text of Scripture as we have it. Writers of the PNTC volumes interact with the most important, informed contemporary debate yet avoid undue technical detail. Their ideal is a blend of rigorous exegesis and exposition, scholarship and pastoral sensitivity, with an eye alert both to biblical theology and to the contemporary relevance of the Bible.

About the Editor: D. A. Carson is research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois. He has written or edited more than fifty other books, including The Gagging of God: Christianity Confronts Pluralism, Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church, and Christ and Culture Revisited.

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Publisher: Eerdmans Publishing Company
ISBN 10: 0802837360
ISBN 13: 9780802837363

"Here is solid scholarship fully acquainted with the latest research; careful argument not afraid to defend such a contentious issue as the Pauline authorship of the letter; clear exposition in sufficient detail to deal comprehensively with exegetical problems; admirable arrangement that enables readers unfamiliar with Greek to follow the exegesis with ease (while the technicalities are there in the footnotes for those who need them); and a warmth of style that encourages readers to share the author's appreciation of the text as Scripture with a contemporary message."
- I. Howard Marshall, University of Aberdeen

"This consciously conservative commentary explains the letter to the Ephesians with great carefulness and a deep theological interest in the unique message of its text. O'Brien opens to readers a new and better understanding of the letter with its often difficult language. Pastors and Christian teachers will receive valuable help from this volume for their preparing of sermons and courses. The manifold problems of the text are discussed intensively and solved in a convincing way."
- Martin Hengel, University of Tubingen

"In keeping with his work on Colossians and Philippians, Peter O'Brien's commentary on Ephesians is characterized above all by careful theological exegesis. O'Brien does not read his theology into the text but properly interprets the text in light of Paul's obvious theological concerns. Adding to the value of the commentary is a robust defense of the Pauline authorship of the letter.
- Douglas Moo, Wheaton Graduate School