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Case for Covenantal Infant Baptism

Strawbridge, Gregg

Product Description

The place of children in the church is something of an enigma among Christians. Are the children of believers part of the covenant community, with privileges and responsibilities that accompany that status? Or are they simply unbelievers, like children in the non-Christian world? What promise does God give believing parents and their children? What place did children have in the Old Testament and how does that compare with their position in the New? These are some of the questions involved in whether to baptize infant children of believers. In this volume sixteen contributors, including Bryan Chapell, Daniel Doriani, Richard Pratt, and Cornelis Venema, make a thorough case for covenantal infant baptism. They discuss pastoral concerns, biblical interpretation, and confessional and historical support for paedobaptism, and they answer objections. Readers will gain a fuller understanding of covenant theology and the place of children in the church.

Publisher Review:

Richard Pratt, Bryan Chapell, Joel Beeke, Joseph Pipa, Dan Doriani, and others cover many aspects of the biblical underpinnings of the doctrine of infant baptism.

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