Westminster Bookstore Blog Partners Program

Got a blog? Like reading and writing about books? WTS Books Blog Partners Program offers you the chance to earn books from our store while introducing your readers to quality Christian titles.

Participation is easy. Once you've registered for the program, simply link to our store on your website. Each time you refer a visitor you will earn money toward a WTS Books gift card. 

How to Get Started

In order to participate in our Blog Partners Program you must register your website with us and meet our terms and eligibility requirements. Please send the following to blogpartners@wtsbooks.com:

  1. The web address of your blog
  2. Your full name
  3. Your mailing address

Once your website has been approved, you will need to submit a W9 Form to complete the registration (see note on taxes below). We will then send you a welcome email with instructions on how to create your referral links.

Payout Rate

Each month you will receive an email report from us listing your total referrals to date and the amount you've earned. Once you've earned above a minimum of $50, a gift card will be emailed to you. Your referrals do not expire; they keep accumulating until you've earned the minimum for payout.

Your monthly payout is determined by your conversion rate—the percentage of referrals that results in a transaction.

Conversion Rate Payout Rate
4% or higher 25¢
2 – 3.9% 20¢
1 – 1.9% 10¢
Under 1%

: If your blog refers 100 visitors to the bookstore in January and two of them buy a book, you have a 2% conversion rate for that month. In this scenario, you will earn $20 in January.

Important Note on Taxes

All blog partners are required to submit a completed W9 Form because, should you reach $600 in payout during a calendar year, we are required by law to file a report to the IRS and send you Form 1099. It is very important that your W9 is current. If there are changes to your information you must notify us and send an updated W9 Form.

If you earn less than $600, we will not send you a 1099. However, any payout you earn is considered taxable income. Please consult a tax professional for further assistance.


  • For more information about the Blog Partners Program see our Program Terms and FAQ.
  • Current blog partners should refer to our How To page for instructions on how to properly build links and earn more points.
  • You can also email us at blogpartners@wtsbooks.com