The Essential Jesus Bundle (NSBT)
The Essential Jesus Bundle (NSBT)
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  • Publisher : Intervarsity Press

The Essential Jesus Bundle (NSBT)

Various; ed. Carson, D.A.

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The historical Jesus is a hotly debated subject today with many disagreements regarding His message and intentions.  These four NSBT volumes explore the doubts and arguments that seek to manifest a very different Jesus than the one historical Christianity has taught for two thousand years.  Paul W. Barnett examines the methodological weaknesses in some forms of critical scholarship demonstrating the reliability for the Jesus of orthodoxy.  Graham Cole seeks to answer Anselm’s question, “Why did God become man?” by considering the theological and existential implications of the incarnation.  Andrew S. Malone examines the meaning of Priesthood in the Old and New Covenants and its relationship to the people of God.  Focusing on the book of Hebrews and what Christ’s priesthood means for His people.  Finally Craig L. Blomberg examines Jesus’ “table fellowship” with sinners as seen in the Gospels.  He surveys meals in the Old Testament, the intertestamental period, and the Gospel, concluding with contemporary applications.


Included in this bundle:

Jesus and the Logic of History

jesus and the logic of history


The God Who Became Human

The God Who Became Human


God's Mediators

god's mediators


Contagious Holiness

contagious holiness