God's Eternal Plan Bundle (NSBT)
God's Eternal Plan Bundle (NSBT)
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  • Publisher : Intervarsity Press

God's Eternal Plan Bundle (NSBT)

Various; ed. Carson, D.A.

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From beginning to end the Word of God reveals that our Lord has one Sovereign plan. The unity of Scripture and the unfolding of this plan are essential to understanding the Christian faith.  The authors in these NSBT volumes explore this truth from four unique themes. Stephen G. Dempster demonstrates how the many texts carry through the theme of God’s one eternal plan. Oren Martin works though the theme of the land promised to Israel culminating in the New Creation.  Ross Blackburn explores the book of Exodus, focusing on the missional nature of Israel as well as the churches involvement in the blessing of all the nations.  Finally Mark Thompson examines the Word of God in its clarity and origin, and its hermeneutical challenges.


Included in this bundle:

The God Who Makes Himself Known


A Clear and Present Word


Bound for the Promised Land


Dominion and Dynasty

Dominon and Dynasty