The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New
The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New
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  • 272 Pages
  • Publisher : New Growth Press
  • Publication Date : October 2015

The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New

Machowski, Marty

Embark on an adventure of biblical discovery through in this delightfully illustrated “systematic theology for kids.” Join Timothy and Carla as they enter a world of wonder where ancient truths are ever new. Full of clear explanations of difficult topics and a wealth of scripture references, this is a welcome resource for instilling children with a broader, deeper knowledge of God.
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Two young children discover a hidden treasure—a carefully wrapped ancient book full of deep truths about God presented in simple language using everyday examples. The children are captivated by the book and by the life-changing truths they find inside about God, their world, and themselves. Families with children of all ages will also love this multilayered resource that systematically teaches the great truths of the Bible to six-year-olds through preteens.

The Ology is a beautifully illustrated storybook that clearly explains transformative truths from the Bible. Within a traditional systematic theological framework, each truth is connected to the larger redemptive story of Scripture. The doctrine of God, for example, is presented in the larger framework of creation, where the attributes of God are on display and easier to understand. The addition of Bible references that support the truths in each spread and questions for further discussion make this a resource that families can use with all of their children. Families who read this book will be giving their children a gift that will last a lifetime—a solid foundation of biblical truth that will point them to the God who loves them and gave himself for them.