Worship by the Book
Worship by the Book
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  • 249 Pages
  • Publisher : Zondervan
  • Publication Date : 2002

Worship by the Book

Carson, D. A.; Keller; Hughes; Ashton

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Worship is a hot topic, but the ways that Christians from different traditions view it vary greatly. What is worship? More important, what does it look like in action, both in our corporate gatherings and our daily lives? These concerns - the blending of principle and practice - are what Worship by the Book addresses.

Cutting through cultural cliches, D.A. Carson, Mark Ashton, Kent Hughes, and Timothy Keller explore, respectively:

  • Worship Under the Word
  • Following in Cranmer's Footsteps
  • Free Church Worship: The Challenge of Freedom
  • Reformed Worship in the Global City

"This is not a comprehensive theology of worship," writes Carson. "Still less is it a sociological analysis of current trends or a minister's manual chockfull of 'how to' instructions." Rather, this book offers pastors, other congregational leaders, and seminary students a thought-provoking biblical theology of worship, followed by a look at how three very different traditions of churchmanship might move from this theological base to a better understanding of corporate worship. Running the gamut from biblical theology to historical assessment all the way to sample service sheets, Worship by the Book shows how local churches in diverse traditions can foster corporate worship that is God-honoring, Word-revering, heartfelt, and historically and culturally informed.