1 Peter (Tyndale Commentaries)
1 Peter (Tyndale Commentaries)
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  • 248 Pages
  • Publisher : InterVarsity Press
  • Publication Date : June 2009

1 Peter (Tyndale Commentaries)

Grudem, Wayne

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In 1 Peter, explains Wayne Grudem, readers are encouraged to grow in their trust in God and their obedience to him throughout their lives, but especially when they suffer. "Here is a brief and very clear summary both of the consolations and instructions needful for the encouragement and direction of a Christian in his journey to Heaven, elevating his thoughts and desires to that happiness, and strengthening him against all opposition in the way, both that of corruption within, and temptations and afflictions from without," says Archbishop Robert Leighton in the introduction The introduction to each volume gives a concise but thorough description of the authorship, date, and historical background of the biblical book under consideration. The commentary itself examines the text section by section, drawing out its main themes. It also comments on individual verses and deals with problems of interpretation. The aim throughout is to get at the true meaning of the Bible and to make its message plain to readers today.