Faithful God: An Exposition of the Book of Ruth
Faithful God: An Exposition of the Book of Ruth
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  • 143 Pages
  • Publisher : Evangelical Press
  • Publication Date : September 2005

Faithful God: An Exposition of the Book of Ruth

Ferguson, Sinclair B

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Listen to a 4-part series by Sinclair Ferguson entitled The Book of Ruth.
Source: Evangelical Movement of Wales

Publisher's Description

The book of Ruth is in multum in parvo (much in little). It contains far more about God than its size would suggest; it records experiences of joy and sorrow; it tells a story of home life, romance and marriage, of unexpected conversion and radical consecration.

Here is a vital part of the biblical narrative of redemptive history, focusing like a microscope on part of the detailed preparation God made as he sovereignly directed history towards the coming of the Saviour Jesus Christ. This book helps us to understand Christ himself--and, indeed the whole Bible--more fully and clearly, and teaches us much about God's grace and providence.

The writer encourages us to "enjoy God and his Word." Here is a thoroughly enjoyable and heart-warming book, which includes as a helpful appendix a letter by John Newton on the guidance of God.

This study of the book of Ruth has its origins in a series of memorable addresses given at the English Conference of the Evangelical Movement of Wales in Aberystwyth in August 1996.