Message of Daniel: His Kingdom Cannot Fail (Bible Speaks Today)
Message of Daniel: His Kingdom Cannot Fail (Bible Speaks Today)
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  • 170 Pages
  • Publisher : InterVarsity Press
  • Publication Date : August 2013

Message of Daniel: His Kingdom Cannot Fail (Bible Speaks Today)

Davis, Dale Ralph

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Listen to a sermon by Dale Ralph Davis entitled Daniel 1.
Source: St. Nicholas Parish Church Sevenoaks

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God had allowed the unthinkable to happen. His people were in exile in Babylon; his promises seemed shattered. Was he really in control? Was he faithful? Did he still care? One young man, Daniel, affirmed God's sovereignty and love, although it was not without cost.

The Old Testament book of Daniel contains well-known stories: Daniel in the den of lions, his three companions in a fiery furnace, and the strange handwriting on the wall at Belshazzar's feast, which struck terror in the heart of the Babylonian king. However, Daniel's enigmatic visions and prophecies about the future can be difficult to understand.

Dale Ralph Davis explores the book's background, discusses significant interpretive issues and problems, and offers a lively exposition of Daniel's message, which may be summed up in the words of Jesus: “the end is not yet...but the one who endures to the end will be save” (Mark 13:7, 13). The book of Daniel is a realistic survival manual for the saints, still vitally relevant for the church in today's world.


  1. Introduction
  2. There is a God in Babylon (Daniel 1)
  3. A dream that will come true (Daniel 2)
  4. Saints in the hands of a saving God (Daniel 3)
  5. The tree decree (Daniel 4)
  6. The strut stops here (Daniel 5)
  7. The night the lions were fasting (Daniel 6)
  8. Is history all beastly? (Daniel 7)
  9. Why is a two-bit king so all-fired important? (Daniel 8)
  10. A tutorial in prayer (Daniel 9:1-19)
  11. Not so fast! (Daniel 9:20-23)
  12. The long haul of the people of God (Daniel 9:24-27)
  13. Intimidating introduction (Daniel 10:1-11:2a)
  14. The case of Mr Hyde and Mr Hyde (Daniel 11:2b-45)
  15. Enduring to the end (Daniel 12)